What We Learned from SB LII

I was down with the Eagles from day one (not really, but I had an Eagles shirt when I was a kid)

Super Bowl LII was everything we hoped it would be. Well, actually, it was more than most of us hoped it would be because it was actually a GREAT game. Unless you love 6–3 defensive battles, that is. So what did we learn from SB LII?

  1. Doug Pederson is one hell of a coach, who plays to win…and has GINORMOUS balls! Maybe the fans that watch the Eagles play week in and out already knew that Perderson has balls of steel, but there were many of us that didn’t realize quite how large they are. His play calls were daring, and not just the “Philly Special” call he made at the end of the half on fourth down. Pederson made some ballsy calls on 3rd and short that required running backs to run perfect pass routes and his QB (a back-up, let’s keep in mind) to make perfect throws. Wheel routes on 3rd and 1 are the stuff of Tom Brady, not back-up NFC East QBs that were recently contemplating retirement. Remember that this Philly team, in fact the entire organization, looked like a disaster just a few short years ago. When Pederson was hired, most of us asked “Who?”. Sports Illustrated called it the worst coaching hire of the year. And yet, here we are, dubbing Pederson the next great NFL coach after he completely turned around an organization in dire straits and delivered a Super Bowl win to the desperate Eagles fans.



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